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Pro Fortran 2015 - FASTER Code and FAST Data Visualization

Benchmarks – Absoft Pro Fortran for Linux is FASTER than Intel on AMD!

Introducing Fast Data Visualization

Pro Fortran 2015 is a significant advancement in Fortran development. Not only does it generate faster code faster on both AMD and Intel processors and include a comprehensive toolset, it is the only Fortran solution which includes Fast Data Visualization capabilities.

What is Fast Data Visualization? It is the ability to easily generate, save, plot, display and print your data in a wide variety of color formats within a single environment. No need to switch between multiple applications like other Fortran compilers require. Fast Data Visualization is an Absoft exclusive and is included free in Pro Fortran 2015. Available now on Windows, Mac & Linux!

New Delivery Method Now Available! Work on a machine that is always offline for security reasons? Have a new Mac that doesn't have a CD drive? Want something more portable than a CD? We've heard you and responded! Starting now, if you request a physical shipment of Pro Fortran 2015 it will be delivered on a USB drive instead of CD!

Click the video below to watch an introduction to Absoft Pro Fortran and see some of the suite's key features in use!

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